Pickup & Delivery Club


Don’t live in Omaha – no problem!
Porsche of Omaha is dedicated to making the Porsche ownership experience easy. We are happy to offer you a convenient way to have your Porsche serviced. The Porsche of Omaha Pickup & Delivery Club is an exclusive offer to all Porsche of Omaha customers within a 250 mile radius of Omaha. This three year agreement entitles you to trailer transport of your Porsche from your home to Omaha for service. The three year membership is affordably priced based on the location of your personal residence. Please contact Porsche of Omaha for details.

Price based on Distance from Dealership
100-150 miles = $1295 for 4 round trips over 3 years.
151-200 miles = $1495
201-250 miles = $1695
Terms and Conditions:

– All maintenance, service and warranty visits require an appointment. Please call 48 hours in advance to schedule your appointment.

– Porsche of Omaha is not responsible for physical damage to the vehicle during our Pickup and Delivery service.

– Vehicle must be in safe, drivable condition prior to pickup and delivery service. If vehicle is not in drivable condition, call Porsche roadside assistance at 1-800 PORSCHE.

– They will transport the vehicle to your nearst Porsche dealer.

– Adequate fuel must be available in the vehicle. A fee will be charged for additional fuel.

– Contract is non-transferable and non-refundable.

– Contract is VIN specific

– Contract is valid within a 250 mile radius of Omaha.