Preparing Your Porsche for Omaha Winter

November 14th, 2019 by

With winter just around the corner, it is incredibly important that you get your Porsche vehicle ready for the cold Nebraska weather. Porsche Omaha is home to more than just passionate Lincoln area dealers, we also a fully equipped service center that can help you get ready for that holiday chill.

So, how do you prepare your car for winter, new tires might be your best way to start. You should already be getting your tires checked and potentially changed every season, but when winter comes around, traction and weight support will be more important than ever. So, if your tires are old, or happen to be standard street tires not prepped for the diverse road conditions of winter, we highly recommend changing them out.

Another thing worth considering is to change out the coolant in your radiator. Coolant is designed to keep your engine cool, however, like all motor fluids, coolant has a point where it risks freezing. To prevent your coolant from locking up in your radiator, we highly recommend changing it out for a more winterized grade so that it can keep your car at optimal temperatures without damaging your engine.

The last item on our list doesn’t actually involve maintenance at all, instead, we always suggest that you utilize safe winter driving practices. Safe winter driving practices typically mean, avoiding the road when conditions are poor, and driving slowly and carefully if you do have to leave home.

Winter can be dangerous, but with our Porsche service experts, it doesn’t have to be. Porsche Omaha is Nebraska’s premier auto dealership, providing drivers with more than just luxury cars, but a premium dealership experience as well. Stop by today!

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