The Performance Benefits of Motor Oil

August 15th, 2019 by

If you’re one of the many drivers in the Lincoln area, asking yourself, ‘Is there a dealership that provides Porsche service near me?’ then Porsche Omaha is your dealership of choice. We specialize in all things automotive maintenance, and in particular, can help you maintain the oil levels in your engine.

What is the purpose of motor oil? Well, motor oil is probably the most important fluid in your vehicl0’s entire system. Your engine is comprised of a variety of moving parts, all of which create friction with one another. As a lubricant, motor oil ensures that all of these intricate parts move smoothly. Motor oil courses through nearly every part of your engine, and unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. Eventually, motor oil can develop a build-up of grime, which can dampen this fluids inherent effectiveness. You can avoid this by changing out your motor oil once every 5,000 miles.

Some drivers make the mistake of putting off their schedule oil maintenance. Oil changes can be expensive, and the damages aren’t always apparent right away. In the short-term, your engine can experience excess strain, reducing fuel efficiency, due to the fact that your engine is working harder. Over a long-term process, you can run the risk of damaging some of the key components of your engine, leading to costly repairs that could have otherwise been avoided. In extreme situations, forgetting to get an oil change can result in complete engine shutdown of your engine, which can be incredibly expensive to repair or replace.

Fortunately, when you visit Porsche Omaha, our service and maintenance experts will ensure that your engine continues to run at peak performance. While we’ve earned a reputation for offering some of the most skilled Porsche dealers out there, we strive to provide our drivers with quality service they won’t find anywhere else.

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